Closure of South Brisbane (QLD) Exchange

Project overview


In July 2010 Telstra announced that it would be upgrading its existing copper network in South Brisbane to a fibre-to-the-premises network following the sale of the telephone exchange building to make way for a new children’s hospital.

In response to industry concerns about the adequacy and timing of information provided by Telstra, the ACCC wrote to Telstra regarding the closure of the exchange in September 2010. 

Access seekers acquiring regulated unconditioned local loop (ULLS) and line sharing (LSS) services raised further concerns about the likely effect on competition when these copper-based wholesale inputs are withdrawn. The ACCC conducted ongoing discussions with Telstra during 2011 about the terms of access for fibre-based wholesale services in South Brisbane.

Telstra advised the ACCC in late 2011 that it had offered improved terms of access to wholesale customers transitioning from ULLS and LSS to fibre-based services. The ACCC considered that Telstra’s offer was capable of resolving the primary commercial concerns raised by access seekers. In particular, the revised terms would enable service providers to continue their service offerings and ensure that consumers in South Brisbane have a range of options in terms of both products and providers.

The ACCC will consider any new issues in the migration to Telstra’s South Brisbane fibre network if they arise.


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