Digital radio services

Document submission process31 May 2018

In accordance with section 7(3) of the digital radio multiplex transmitters licences procedural rules 2018 (procedural rules), electronic documents may be provided to the ACCC in accordance with the requirements specified on this website.

Electronic submission requirements

Section 7(1) of the procedural rules states that submissions by interested parties in relation to a new access undertaking or a variation of an access undertaking must be in an electronic form unless otherwise approved by the ACCC.

A call for submissions will be made on our website and can be submitted at our online consultation hub.

Submissions should be formatted as a searchable PDF or Microsoft Word document. 

To foster an informed and consultative process, all submissions will be considered as public submissions and will be posted on the ACCC’s website. Parties wishing to submit commercial-in-confidence material to the ACCC should submit both a public and a commercial-in-confidence version of their submission. The public version of the submission should clearly identify the commercial-in-confidence material by replacing the confidential material with an appropriate symbol or ‘c-i-c’.

The ACCC has published a Confidentiality Guideline which sets out the process parties should follow when submitting confidential information to communications inquiries commenced by the ACCC. The Guideline describes the ACCC’s legal obligations with respect to confidential information, the process for submitting confidential information and how the ACCC will treat confidential information provided in submissions. A copy of the Guideline can be downloaded from website.

The ACCC-AER Information policy on the collection, use and disclosure of information is also a useful reference.