Consumer fact sheets for telecommunications services

The ACCC has prepared a number of fact sheets for consumers that describe in simple, non technical language how the ACCC sets rules for the supply of telecommunications services.

Telecommunications services consumer fact sheets 

The ACCC promotes competition among internet service providers by setting rules for how Telstra supplies wholesale broadband services.
28 Jun 2013
The ACCC helps to keep mobile phone services competitive and the prices of mobile calls low by regulating mobile termination.
29 May 2013
This factsheet explains what transmission is, how regulating it has been important for you, and what the ACCC is doing about transmission services today.
15 Jul 2013
The ACCC promotes competition among companies supplying telephone and internet products by setting rules for how Telstra shares the use of its copper network.
28 Jun 2013
This factsheet is part of a series explaining how our regulation of the telecommunications industry works.
15 Jul 2013
What you need to know about: How the ACCC ensures that you can make calls to people on all telephone networks
15 Jul 2013