Regulatory guidance documents

The regulatory guidance documents provide information on how the ACCC approaches regulatory decisions.

About the regulatory guidance documents

The ACCC has developed a number of helpful documents regarding its current and foreseeable regulatory projects and guidance on its major regulatory decision making process.

Guidance documents

Document Description

Two year planning document - July 2019 to June 2021 ( PDF 461.51 KB )

Two-year planning document key ( PDF 54.9 KB )

This document is designed to keep stakeholders and the public informed of current and forthcoming regulatory projects. The document details planned activities and important milestones to support businesses in their own planning.

Please refer to the key when reading the table.

Age and Distribution of Matters as at 30 June 2019 ( PDF 206.78 KB ) This document summarises the distribution of current regulatory matters. It outlines how many regulatory matters the ACCC had ‘open’ at the beginning of the year and had initiated over the course of the year. The document also lists the distribution of ages of matters left ‘open’ at the end of the year.
Current regulations as at 30 June 2019 ( PDF 218.4 KB ) This document is designed to help stakeholders keep track of active regulations. It outlines expiry dates and sunset clauses and also notes any regulations that have neither. The document also provides when the regulations were last reviewed, where applicable.
Declarations under Part XIC ( PDF 99.2 KB )

The flowchart provides a conceptual overview of the processes for declaring a service, including an explanation of the differences between how a National Broadband Network (NBN) and non-NBN service can be declared. For a more detailed explanation please refer to the Guideline for Part XIC declaration provisions for telecommunication services.

Anticompetitive conduct under Part XIB ( PDF 149.19 KB )

This flowchart sets out the matters that the ACCC will consider when deciding whether to issue a competition notice and the appropriateness of the ACCC issuing competition notices as opposed to taking other action under the Act. The flowchart complements the Telecommunications - competition notice guidelines.

Access determinations under Part XIC ( PDF 78.5 KB ) Under Part XIC of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the ACCC assesses special access undertakings and makes access determinations about the terms and conditions of access to telecommunications services. This flowchart provides an overview of those administrative processes.
Record-keeping rules under Part XIB ( PDF 87.4 KB ) The ACCC collects a range of information from Telstra and other telecommunications providers to monitor competition, monitor market developments and inform regulatory decisions. This flowchart outlines the administrative steps required for the ACCC’s to make record-keeping.
Assessments under Part IIIA ( PDF 50.85 KB ) Part IIIA of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 establishes a legal regime to facilitate third party access to services provided through facilities with natural monopoly characteristics. This flowchart provides an overview of the steps required to make assessment under the regime.
Price notifications under Part VIIA ( PDF 138.36 KB )

The ACCC, with the approval of the Minister, may declare goods or services to be notified goods or services and a firm in relation to certain goods and services to be a declared firm. Declaration of a firm obliges that firm to notify the ACCC of proposed increases in the price of notified goods or services in certain circumstances. The ACCC must then assess the proposed price and decide whether or not to object to the increase. This flowchart outlines the procedure for lodgement and assessment of Part VIIA price notifications.