Regulatory projects

Title Industry(desc) Type Status
Model price terms and conditions Communications Price determination Finalised

The ACCC held a consultation process about model price terms and conditions for the public switched telephone network (PSTN), unconditioned local loop service (ULLS) and local carriage service (LCS).

Mobile terminating access service declaration inquiry - 2018 Communications Access declaration Finalised
28 June 2019

The ACCC commenced an inquiry into whether to extend, vary or revoke the domestic mobile terminating access service declaration, or whether to make a new declaration.

Telstra's Migration Plan Communications Compliance assessment Ongoing
17 December 2020

The Migration Plan sets out the steps that Telstra will take to progressively migrate voice and broadband services from its copper and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial networks to the NBN.

Mobile Terminating Access Service declaration review - 2009 Communications Access declaration Finalised

The ACCC concluded its public inquiry into the declaration of the mobile terminating access service (MTAS) by releasing its final report on 28 May 2009.

Telstra's AMPS/GSM/PSTN undertaking - November 1997 Communications Access undertaking Finalised

In November 1997 Telstra lodged three undertakings with the ACCC specifying the terms and conditions upon which Telstra proposed to meet its standard access obligations to supply PSTN, GSM (digital mobile) and AMPS (analogue mobile) origination and termination services.

Facilities Access Code Review 2019 Communications Review Finalised
25 June 2020

The ACCC’s A Code of Access to Telecommunications Transmission Towers, Sites of Towers and Underground Facilities (the Facilities Access Code) was made under Clause 37 of Part 5 of Schedule 1 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Telstra LCS & WLR exemption inquiry 2007 Communications Access exemption Finalised

On 22 August 2008, the ACCC decided to grant Telstra exemptions from the standard access obligations in respect of the supply of the local carriage service and wholesale line rental subject to a number of proposed limitations and conditions.

NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report Communications Policy development Ongoing
15 December 2022

The ACCC proposes to publish a NBN Wholesale Market Indicators report which would provide, on a quarterly basis, visibility over the development of the wholesale market for NBN access services.

Final access determination for the Mobile Terminating Access Service - 2011 Communications Access determination Finalised

On 8 December 2011 the ACCC released a final access determination (FAD) for the mobile terminating access service (MTAS) for the period 1 January 2012 to 30 June 2014.

Internet Activity record keeping rule Communications Monitoring Finalised
11 December 2018

The ACCC is undertaking the biannual collection and analysis of internet activity data through a new Internet Activity record keeping rule, under section 151BU of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, from the December 2018 reporting period onwards.

Fixed line services final access determination (FAD) 2011 Communications Access determination Finalised

On 20 July 2011 the ACCC made FADs for the declared fixed line services. The FADs are backdated to commence on 1 January 2011 and expire on 30 June 2014.

Mobile services review Communications Review Finalised

The ACCC announced a review of mobile services in March 2003 and released a discussion paper in April 2003.

Operational separation of Telstra Communications Monitoring Historical

Prior to the commencement of the Structural Separation Undertaking (SSU), Telstra was subject to an operational separation framework which was intended to promote equivalence between Telstra wholesale and retail customers.

Local services review 2005 Communications Access declaration Finalised

The ACCC released its final indicative prices in November 2006.