Regulatory projects

Title Industry Type Status(desc)
NBN wholesale service standards inquiry Communications Inquiry Finalised
4 November 2020

On 2 November 2017, the ACCC commenced a public inquiry to determine whether NBN wholesale service standard levels are appropriate, and consider whether regulation is necessary to improve consumer experiences.

Airservices Australia 2009 Airports Price notification Finalised

The ACCC decision is to not object to Airservices Australia’s proposed price for a terminal navigation service provided to aircraft landing at Avalon aerodrome.

Guidelines on the repeal of subsection 51(3) of the CCA Communications Guideline Finalised

The ACCC has released final guidelines on the repeal of subsection 51(3) of the CCA. The guidelines set out the ACCC's current understanding and interpretation of the law in order to assist businesses and intellectual property rights-holders following the repeal.

Water market rules: advice development Water Policy advice Finalised

In December 2007, the minister wrote to the ACCC requesting advice on the water market rules as required under ss.98(1) of the Water Act 2007 by December 2008.

NBN Co - special access undertaking 2012 Communications Access undertaking Finalised
21 Aug 2013

The ACCC is now considering the SAU under the criteria set out in section 152CBD of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).

WaterNSW: Decisions under Part 6 of the Water Charge Rules 2010 Water Review Finalised

The ACCC is required under Part 6 of the Water Charge Rules 2010 (WCR) to decide whether on-river infrastructure operators meet the definition of ‘Part 6 operators’ and, if so, whether to grant them an exemption from the operation of the requirements of Part 6 of the WCR.

Telstra - PSTN originating & terminating access & local carriage service undertaking Communications Access undertaking Finalised

The undertaking sets out how Telstra proposed to meet its standard access obligations to supply PSTN OTA and the LCS from 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2008.

Airservices Australia 2005 Airports Price notification Finalised

On 21 December 2005 the ACCC decided to not object to Airservices' formal price notification for its aviation rescue and fire fighting services.

Building Block Model record keeping rule Communications Review Finalised

The Building Block Model Record Keeping Rule – June 2013 expires on 30 June 2021. It required Telstra to provide information on forecast and actual data relating to operating expenditure, capital expenditure, depreciation and demand, regarding legacy fixed line services, for the Fixed Line Services Model. The FLSM was previously used by the ACCC to determine prices for Telstra’s declared legacy fixed line services.

LBAS Final Access Determination Inquiry 2015 Communications Access determination Finalised
26 May 2017

On 7 April 2015, the ACCC commenced an access determination inquiry in relation to the Local Bitstream Access Service (LBAS) as required under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the CCA).

Inquiry into NBN access pricing Communications Inquiry Finalised
4 November 2020

On 14 October 2019, the ACCC commenced a public inquiry into the prices that NBN Co charges access seekers to use the National Broadband Network (NBN) for supplying residential grade broadband services. The ACCC is considering whether regulatory intervention is necessary in respect of these access products, particularly basic speed access products.

Water charge (planning & management) rules: advice development Water Policy advice Finalised

The rules relate to water planning and management charges in the Murray-Darling Basin, and require information on these charges to be published.

NBN Co - special access undertaking 2011 Communications Access undertaking Finalised

On Friday 7 September 2012, NBN Co withdrew the Special Access Undertaking (SAU) that it lodged with the ACCC late last year (original SAU).

TPG joint functional separation undertaking Communications Access undertaking Finalised
7 April 2022

On 8 November 2021, TPG submitted a joint functional separation undertaking to the ACCC on behalf of itself and various subsidiaries in accordance with section 151C of the Telecommunications Act 1997. On 7 April 2022, the ACCC accepted TPG's joint functional separation undertaking which will come into force on 7 October 2022.