Our role in regulated infrastructure

  • The ACCC regulates some national infrastructure services, such as telecommunications, energy and water.  
  • We carry out monitoring in other markets where there is limited competition.

Our role in regulated infrastructure

People in Australia rely on the market economy to provide positive outcomes for prosperity.

However, the market economy is not perfect. Consumer wellbeing can be undermined, especially where there are, or have been, a small number of suppliers providing the infrastructure.

When this occurs, our role is to provide effective regulation that protects, strengthens and supplements competitive market processes.

Our regulatory functions

We have several regulatory functions in national infrastructure industries. We also have a prices oversight role in some markets where competition is limited.

Our functions include to:

  • determine the prices and access terms and conditions for some nationally significant infrastructure services
  • monitor and enforce compliance with industry-specific laws for bulk water, energy and communications
  • monitor and report on prices and quality of particular goods and services to provide information about the effects of market conditions
  • disseminate information to help stakeholders understand regulatory frameworks and the structure and operation of infrastructure markets
  • provide advice when requested by governments and policy agencies on how efficient regulatory outcomes and competitive, well-functioning markets can be achieved.

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