Top 5 publications

These publications are five of the most popular in each of the key areas of consumers, business and regulated infrastructure.


In this booklet you will find answers to some of the questions most commonly asked by consumers.
5 Jul 2021

Eight simple rules you can use to find out when it is time to use your rights.

2 Feb 2012
The little black book of scams highlights a variety of popular scams that regularly target Australian consumers and small business
18 Jan 2022
When you buy goods and services from a door to door sales agent, you have rights under law.
17 Aug 2012


Honest advertising and selling practices benefit small businesses and consumers alike. Enterprising small businesses should be able to prosper on the merit of their products or services without fearing that competitors will gain an unfair competitive advantage from dishonest representations.
5 Jul 2021

This publication is designed to help small businesses understand their key rights and responsibilities under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the Australian Consumer Law.

5 Jul 2021
The checklist is designed to help businesses become aware of their rights and obligations when it comes to dealing with consumers and how to comply with their obligations under the ACL.
2 Aug 2016
The guide covers what consumer guarantees apply to goods and services, who is responsible for these guarantees and when remedies, such as refund repair and replacement are available.
22 Apr 2016
A twice-yearly report providing a summary of the ACCC’s work and activities amongst the small business sector.
20 Aug 2021

Regulated infrastructure

Provides information and updates about international (focusing on the OECD) and Australian regulatory developments and decisions.
26 Nov 2015
A quarterly publication of the Utility Regulators Forum.
20 Dec 2022
The communications market report is made up of 2 parts — competitive safeguards within the Australian telecommunications industry and changes in the prices paid by consumers for telecommunications services. The ACCC is required to publish this report by 31 December of the relevant financial year.
9 Dec 2022
An annual report provided to the minister on water issues. The report provides information on regulated water charges, transformation arrangements, termination of network access, compliance with the Commonwealth Water Market and Water Charge Rules, and related issues.
28 Oct 2022
The results of the ACCC's monitoring of prices, financial performance and quality of service at Australian airports are published in the following reports.
6 Jun 2022

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