Serial publications

These publications are published on a periodical basis and are part of a series.

A series of fact sheets to answer a variety of questions about fuel prices in Australia
10 May 2012
Listing of Water rules explanatory statements.
10 Jan 2011
In October 2002 the Prime Minister announced that the ACCC would monitor medical indemnity premiums to assess whether they are actuarially and commercially justified.
28 Apr 2009
These reports detail the stock of telecommunications infrastructure owned and operated by Australian telecommunications carriers.
27 Nov 2008
These reports provide information on the on the state of competition in the corporate segment of the business customer group of the telecommunications industry in 2005
5 Sep 2006
ACCC monitoring report examining costs and premiums and the effect of reforms on insurers.
11 Aug 2005
Reports prepared by the ACCC to report on changes in the insurance market and specifically on the upward movement of insurance premiums.
30 Sep 2002
This magazine-style publication explains what is happening, and the ACCC's role, in the deregulating industries of aviation, telecommunications, gas and electricity.
30 May 2001