Petrol industry reports

Under its current petrol monitoring direction the ACCC produces industry reports on aspects of consumer interest in the fuel market.


A report analysing the financial performance of the Australian downstream petroleum industry between 2002 and 2018.
22 Apr 2020
An in-depth petrol report analysing annual and monthly average retail petrol prices in 2018 to identify the highest and lowest priced major retailers in the eight Australian capital cities.
17 Oct 2019
A report on petrol price cycles in Australia, which examines how price cycles occur, how they have changed over time and how consumers can use them to save money when they buy petrol.
6 Dec 2018
A report on retail and wholesale petrol market shares in Australia, examining how they have changed over the years to 2016-17.
25 Sep 2018

An in-depth petrol report detailing annual average retail petrol prices throughout 2017 and identifying the highest and lowest priced major retailers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

13 May 2018