Ordering publications

We produce a range of publications for consumers, businesses, regulated industries and other stakeholders. Some of these are available as hard copies which you can order on the website.

Orderable publications

Publications available in hardcopy will have an 'add to cart' option at the top of the page. Out of stock or online publications will be shown as unavailable to 'add to cart'.


You will generally receive your order within 10 working days. If we are unable to fill your order we will contact you.

We only deliver to addresses within Australia.


Most hard copies can be ordered for free. Those requiring a payment will have the cost shown on the publication page.

Total cost of your order will be confirmed before you submit an order.


If your order includes publications that require a payment, you will be contacted by an ACCC staff member to arrange the payment.

The preferred method of payment is either Visa or MasterCard. Receipts will be issued within seven days on request.

Order limit

You can order up to 100 copies of each publication. For extra copies, please contact the publishing unit.

Changing your order

If you wish to cancel or make changes to your order, please email the publishing unit with your order details and order number.

Contact the ACCC Publishing Unit

Email: publishing.unit@accc.gov.au

Phone: 02 6243 1144