Oilcode compliance manual

This manual provides participants in the downstream petroleum retail industry with guidance on how to comply with the Oilcode.

It will also assist industry participants to establish a framework for an effective compliance program which sets out minimum business conduct and disclosure requirements under the Oilcode.

The manual covers:

  • About the Oilcode
  • How does this manual work?
  • Compliance
  • Terminal gate price and related arrangements
  • Fuel re-selling businesses
  • Dispute resolution cheme
  • What if you don’t comply?
  • Other statutory obligations.

Disclosure templates

Annexure 1 for retailer or prospective retailer - long form ( DOC 292 KB )

Annexure 2 for retailer or prospective retailer - short form ( DOC 199.5 KB )

Annexure 3 for proposed transferee ( DOC 77 KB )