Energy resellers - requirements and obligations

This pamphlet outlines the types of exemptions available and your obligations and responsibilities as an exempt seller.

The exempt selling framework commenced in the Australian Capital Territory on 1 July 2012.

The Customer Framework includes

  • National Energy Retail Law
  • National Energy Retail Rules
  • National Energy Retail Regulations.

Together, these laws and rules set out key protections for energy customers and the obligations on businesses selling energy.

The Retail Law requires that anyone selling energy to customers must either hold a retailer authorisation or a valid exemption.

While most sellers of energy will hold an authorisation, there will be some circumstances where an authorisation is not appropriate, for example where the sale of energy is incidental.

This could include retirement villages, caravan parks or any other arrangement where an owner purchases energy from an authorised retailer and then 'onsells' the energy to residents.