Debt collection guideline: for collectors and creditors

6. Location of contact

  1. In most cases, the debtor’s home will be the appropriate place to contact a debtor, with contact by letter or telephone generally being the most appropriate mode of contact.15 However, if a debtor provides a telephone contact number (including mobile phone) as the means of contact, contact using that number will be appropriate whatever the debtor’s location.
  2. Sometimes, a debtor may not wish to be contacted at their home. If the debtor provides an alternative and reasonable location for contact and is able to be contacted at that location, the debtor should not be contacted at their home.
  3. You should carefully consider whether contacting the debtor at work on a switch number or reception (contrasted with the debtor’s direct work phone number) is appropriate and whether there are more suitable options available. Where contact is made at work, the debtor should be offered an opportunity to provide an alternate number to receive a call back at a more convenient time or nominate a preferred time for contact.
  4. Contact must not involve a breach of your privacy obligations to the debtor. See part 2, section 8, Privacy obligations to the debtor and third parties.

15However note that some statutory notices must be sent to a particular address.