Debt collection guideline: for collectors and creditors

15. Contact when a payment arrangement is in place

  1. Generally, while an arrangement is in place, the debtor or their representative should not be contacted unless:
    • the debtor asks you to
    • you wish to propose a genuine alternative arrangement to benefit the debtor
    • the debtor does not comply with the terms of the repayment arrangement.
  2. In addition, if you are required to provide or have committed to provide ongoing account statements to the debtor, you should continue to do so.

Example: Payment reminders

You can ask the debtor whether they wish to receive payment reminders, perhaps via an email or SMS. However, if a debtor has not explicitly requested such contact you should avoid further contact unless it is for a proper purpose (for example, the debtor defaulted on a repayment).

  1. You are entitled to contact a debtor to review an arrangement that was made subject to review. However, repayment reviews should not be excessively frequent. A minimum of three months is recommended between reviews unless the debtor fails to make an agreed repayment.