Business snapshot

A series of publications with information for business.

These publications were originally called News for business.


Provides practical tips for businesses to minimise the risk of becoming a victim of unconscionable conduct or to avoid engaging in such conduct towards other businesses or consumers.
12 Sep 2012
This brochure will help businesses recognise when they are dealing with disadvantaged or vulnerable consumers and outlines the factors they may need to consider in these situations with reference to recent court decisions.
11 Mar 2011
In April 2010, a range of consumer protection and fair trading reforms came into effect.
25 Feb 2011
The ACL provides all consumers with certain guarantees when they purchase goods and services.
4 Feb 2011
This guide provides an overview of the rules for fair sales practices.
23 Dec 2010
This business snapshot will inform you about changes to the rules on component pricing that will require you to make clearer price representations to consumers.
17 Dec 2010
The law requires that businesses provide consumers with accurate information about goods and services.
19 Jan 2010
Mandatory product safety standard covering children’s household cots took effect on 30 June 1998.
31 Jul 1998