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The little black book of scams highlights a variety of popular scams that regularly target Australian consumers and small business
19 Dec 2016
Report into the bulk wheat port export activity for the shipping year 2015-16.
16 Dec 2016
The Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework has established a common set of six key performance indicators that allow for the assessment of Commonwealth regulators’ performance in administering regulation.
22 Nov 2016
The ACCC sought the direct views of businesses on our performance in administering regulation through the 2016 ACCC business stakeholder survey.
22 Nov 2016
On 12 November 2016, a new law to protect small businesses from unfair terms in business-to-business standard form contracts took effect across Australia.
10 Nov 2016
ACCC Provides a report to the Treasurer annually on prices costs and profits of container terminal operator companies at our major ports.
7 Nov 2016
A guide for complying with the competition and consumer law in Australia.
3 Nov 2016
This guidance is designed to help private traders understand their rights and obligations in the sharing economy.
3 Nov 2016
In October 2015 the ACCC created an Agriculture Unit to examine competition and unfair trading issues in agricultural supply chains. This publication provides a summary of the work undertaken by the Unit in its first year.
1 Nov 2016
Interim Report of the ACCC’s Cattle and Beef Market Study.
31 Oct 2016