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The ACCC is required to provide a report on telecommunications to the minister annually. The report produced is made up of two reports Telecommunications competitive safeguards and Changes in the prices paid for telecommunications services in Australia.
8 Mar 2017

Final report of the of the ACCC’s cattle and beef market study.

7 Mar 2017
The results of the ACCC's monitoring of prices, financial performance and quality of service at Australian airports are published in the following reports.
6 Mar 2017

Choosing the right hearing aid and provider can be difficult. Before you buy a hearing aid you can protect yourself by being a smart shopper.

3 Mar 2017

The ACCC was alerted to potential consumer protection issues in the hearing aid industry through ABC RN’s Background Briefing program, Have I got a hearing aid for you.

3 Mar 2017
The Compliance and Enforcement Policy sets out the principles adopted by the ACCC to achieve compliance with the law.
24 Feb 2017

This RAP is a reflection of our firm commitment to contribute to closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the broader Australian community.

20 Feb 2017
How regulators enforce the Australian Consumer Law.
3 Feb 2017

This fact sheet provides an overview of what energy customers should know about their energy service, including: how to find a good deal on Energy Made Easy, the rules governing energy salespeople, and how to deal with problems on your bill. The fact sheet is available in 12 languages.

2 Feb 2017
The ACCC enterprise agreement 2016–2019 outlines the terms and employment conditions for employees of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
21 Dec 2016