Advertising and selling guide

Receipts and itemised bills


Businesses must always provide a receipt or proof of purchase for anything over $75. If you don't provide one, a consumer has the right to ask for one. Consumers also have the right to request a receipt for anything under $75 and you must provide the receipt within seven days of being asked.

A receipt or proof of purchase must include the:

  • supplier’s name and ABN or ACN
  • date of supply
  • product or service
  • price.

Itemised bills for services

Consumers have the right to ask a service provider for an itemised bill or account up to 30 days after receiving the bill. You must provide this free of charge and within seven days of the request.

An itemised account must show:

  • how the price was worked out
  • if relevant, the number of labour hours and hourly rate
  • if relevant, a list of materials used and the amount charged for them.

Legislation: Australian Consumer Law ss. 100 and 101