ACCC update

The ACCC's quarterly Update publication series has been discontinued.

Update 2012, issue 34 was the last issue published.

All issues are available as pdf.


Issue 13 of Update magazine farewells Allan Fels and welcomes Graeme Samuel.
30 Jun 2003
ACCC update takes a look at the health sector, including some cases and the important work the ACCC has done for the Commonwealth Government.
31 Jan 2003
Issue 11 of Update magazine focuses on review of the Trade Practices Act and safety of products sold over the Internet.
30 Jun 2002
To stay healthy and productive, businesses need to know the rights and wrongs of business practice.
28 Feb 2002
This issue is primarily on how utilities reform affects consumers.
31 Aug 2001
This issue clarifies the legal rights and responsibilities of businesses that have websites.
30 May 2000
Issue 3 of ACCC update includes coverage of the Global Commerce Conference issues.
30 Mar 1999