ACCC update

The ACCC's quarterly Update publication series has been discontinued.

Update 2012, issue 34 was the last issue published.

All issues are available as pdf.


This edition of ACCC update looks at the ACCC’s responsibilities in the areas of water trading and at some of the issues the ACCC is being asked to consider as it prepares to advise the Federal Government on improvements that will lead to a more effective trading scheme.
15 Sep 2008
This issue of ACCC update considers some of the hurdles that will need to be overcome to allow the criminalisation of cartel conduct in Australia.
23 Apr 2008
This edition of ACCC update takes a look at some of the issues heating up as we head towards the end of the year, including the petrol pricing cycle and the nation's broadband infrastructure.
7 Nov 2007
In this edition of ACCC update we take a look at how the changes to the Trade Practices Act 1974 could affect the different corners of Australia's business community, and what is still on the government's agenda for further reform.
7 May 2007
This small business issue of ACCC update includes topics such as what small businesses should know about cartels, the ACCC's new streamlined collective bargaining processes for small business and much more.
6 Jun 2006
This issue of ACCC update covers issues such as the Australian Energy Regulator, fair trading in the jewellery industry, cartel policy, product safety and much more.
1 Mar 2006
This issue of ACCC update contains information for consumers and businesses on what the ACCC considers to be acceptable and unacceptable pricing practices.
8 Aug 2005
This issue looks at the history of the Trade Practices Act since it was introduced in 1974, and its profound effect on Australian business.
21 Dec 2004
This issue of ACCC update is targeted at consumers.
31 Jul 2004
This edition of ACCC update outlines our work in the important area of consumer protection - product safety.
13 Nov 2003