ACCC update

The ACCC's quarterly Update publication series has been discontinued.

Update 2012, issue 34 was the last issue published.

All issues are available as pdf.


This edition of ACCC update reports on the upside and the downside of the digital economy, and what the ACCC is doing to ensure the digital economy delivers the benefits it promises and ensure competition is maximised.
25 Jul 2012
This edition of ACCC update looks at some types of unlawful behaviour that never seem to go away. The perpetrators keep finding new ways to package or present themselves to the unwary.
20 Apr 2012
The ACCC has had some significant changes: a new Chairman, Rod Sims; the new Australian Consumer Law; and preparation for a fair and competitive market in the communications sector, particularly around the National Broadband Network.
20 Dec 2011
In this edition of ACCC update it is an end of an era, farewell Graeme Samuel. After eight years in the Chairman's seat, Graeme Samuel reflects on the achievements over that time and looks to the challenges of the future for the regulator.
25 Aug 2011
This edition of Update provides another snapshot of just some of our activities, including a special series of reports on one of our key roles under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the new name for the Trade Practices Act 1974): product safety.
24 Mar 2011
The ACCC is involved at all levels every day in the business of keeping the money going round – making sure Australians can buy and sell fairly and efficiently.
6 Dec 2010
This edition of ACCC update examines rising energy prices and takes you inside the Australian Energy Regulator.
6 Apr 2010
This edition of ACCC update examines the 'quiet revolution' under way in Australian consumer law—including the Australian Consumer Law and the introduction of unit pricing (and Unit Man).
24 Nov 2009
This edition of ACCC update looks at some of the issues surrounding mobile phones—including the hidden costs of mobile downloads, calling-card rip-offs and expensive global roaming—cartels and unit pricing for grocery stores.
10 Aug 2009
This edition of ACCC update explores the possible impact of the global financial crisis on Australia's long-term competitiveness.The need to respond to immediate concerns while maintaining policies that will stand our country in good stead once economic conditions begin to improve.
8 May 2009