ACCC & AER annual report 2016-17

Appendix 4: Advertising and market research

Under s. 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, the ACCC must report annually on its use of advertising agencies, market research organisations, polling organisations, direct mail organisations and media advertising agencies.

The reporting requirement seeks information on payments of more than $13 000 GST inclusive, that the ACCC made to such agencies in 2016−17. Payments over this threshold are listed in table A4.1.

Table A4.1: Advertising and market research of more than $13 000 in 2016−17


Description of advertising and market research services

Advertising and market research firm



March to September 2017

Market research into ACCC consumer and small business perceptions

Colmar Brunton Social Research Pty Ltd

120 065

August to November 2016

Consumer survey relating to new car retailing

Colmar Brunton

37 985

April to June 2017

Market research into product safety

Roy Morgan Research

24 472

May to June 2017

Market research into consumer awareness and use of safety features on prams and strollers

Australian Survey Research Group Pty Ltd

19 979

May to June 2017

Digital advertising for the 2017 National Consumer Fraud Week

Dentsu Mitchell Media Australia

44 892

May 2016

Digital advertising for the 2016 National Consumer Fraud Week

Dentsu Mitchell Media Australia

22 000