ACCC & AER annual report 2016-17

Appendix 13: Significant authorisation and notification decisions in 2016–17


In 2016−17, the ACCC issued 27decisions (excluding minor variations). Copies of all authorisation decisions for 2016−17 were published on the ACCC website at

Notable authorisations granted

  • Infant Nutrition Council Limited—Revocation and Substitution—A91506 and A91507

Notable authorisations denied

  • Council Solutions & Ors—Authorisation—A91520
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank & Ors—Authorisation—A91546 and A91547
  • British American Tobacco Australia Limited & Ors—Authorisation—A91550
  • Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia Pty Ltd & Ors—Authorisation—A91556 and A91557

Collective bargaining notifications

In 2016−17, the ACCC granted authorisation for 13 collective bargaining arrangements.

In 2016−17, one collective bargaining notifications were also allowed to stand.

Copies of all collective bargaining authorisations and notifications are available from the ACCC’s website at

Notable collective bargaining decisions:

  • Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd—Authorisation—A91558
  • Murray Billing Transport & Ors—Authorisation—A91571 and A91572
  • CAUDIT—Collective Bargaining Notifications—CB00328-CB00402 and CB00404-CB00431

Exclusive dealing notifications

In 2016−17, the ACCC assessed 536 exclusive dealing notifications involving 407 separate matters. Copies of all notifications are available from the ACCC’s website at Notable examples are listed below.

  • Port of Townsville Limited & Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Limited—Notifications—N99117 and N99118
  • EFTPOS Payments Australia Limited—Notification—N99571