Woolworths (S.A.) Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Woolworths (S.A.) Pty Ltd
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Woolworths S.A. admitted to having breached the price fixing provisions of the Act by making and giving affect to an agreement with the Arnhem Club Incorporated and Rhonwood Pty Ltd to cease discounting certain take-away alcohol products in Nhulunbuy N.T. The agreement was allegedly made in January/February 1997 and terminated in August 1999. This Undertaking accompanies Court orders in the matter which provide for injunctions to prevent its repetition.

The Undertaking provides for:

  • the donation of $150,000 to the Nambara School Council, (Yirrkala CEC), on the Gove Peninsula for the purpose of an alcohol harm reduction, prevention, education or rehabilitation programme in Nhulunbuy, and the surrounding communities.
  • the upgrade and maintenance of a Trade Practices compliance programme in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3806 to ensure, so far as reasonably possible, the company and it’s relevant employees are not involved in future contraventions of the Act.
  • the provision of continuing assistance and cooperation to the ACCC if requested.