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s.87B undertaking

Reference number



ss. 52 & 53(aa)

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    Tyco Australia Pty Limited trading as ADT Security


    008 399 004


Tyco Australia Pty Ltd, trading as ADT Security (ADT), has provided a court enforceable undertaking to the ACCC in respect of its alarm monitoring services and its former provision of mobile patrol call services.

Since August 2001, ADT has represented to most of its residential and small business customers that the customers would receive Grade One or Grade A1 alarm monitoring services (the highest, most secure grade of alarm monitoring) when in fact the customers have not received Grade One/A1 monitoring as certified under the relevant Australian Standard: 2201.2-2001. ADT has undertaken to:

  • write to all of its residential and small business customers who currently receive alarm monitoring services from ADT, offering an apology and compensation to each customer who contacts ADT (via a toll free customer enquiry line) with information that indicates that they were misled as to the grade of monitoring service they were to receive. The compensation options include an offer to be monitored solely from ADT’s certified Grade One/A1 monitoring facility, a free home safety kit, or other appropriate compensation.

During the period 1999 to 2002, ADT falsely billed some of its mobile patrol call customers for scheduled patrol calls not provided to the customers, and did not subsequently refund these customers. ADT has undertaken to:

  • write to all of the affected 339 former mobile patrol call customers (owed a total of $27,638), apologising for its failure to previously provide a refund for any missed patrols, and providing each customer with the applicable refund.  The 339 former ADT customers are in Victoria, NSW, and Western Australia.  ADT sold its mobile patrol call business in September 2002.