Toys R Us - s.87B undertaking

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The ACCC has alleged, in substance, that refund policy signs and stickers displayed in Toys R Us stores made false/misleading representations regarding consumers statutory rights to a refund where goods, particularly video games and computer software, were not of merchantable quality, not fit for the purpose or did not match a sample or description. The Company has resolved to implement a Trade Practices Compliance Program ("the Program") whereby the Companys Merchandise Director will take responsibility (as Compliance Officer) for the implementation and review immediately of all product labelling, product info. notices and non-product specific marketing material created or produced by the Company prior to its first display in any Toys R Us store; and will maintain a detailed documentary record of all reviews and ensure its availability to the ACCC to be reviewed from time to time. A full description of "the Program" is contained in the undertaking.