Toll Transport Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Toll Transport Ltd
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Acquisition of interests of port of Geelong by Toll Transport may result in SLC, contravening s. 50 TPA. Undertaking to not hinder or prevent the operator of any business using/intending to use port of Geelong for the purposes (specified) of which the port is normally used. Toll Transport will not acquire ownership or interests in SA, Vic, NSW ports/ port facilities where turnover is over $500 000pa,or likely to be over $500 000 in the first year without giving ACCC reasonable advance notice in writing. Toll Transport will not oppose installation of one or more dry bulk unloaders at port of Geelong, and will permit on reasonable conditions. TT will notify ACCC re: proposals of others acquiring ownership interest in the port; proposals to change proportion of equity interest by member o consortium; where Geelong Port ceases to be operator or other acquires shareholding in Geelong Port.