Signature Security Group Pty Limited - s.87B undertaking

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  • Signature Security Group Pty Limited
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Advertisements commissioned by Signature Security Group Pty Limited, dealing with the provision of a Signature Security system, contained GST-exclusive pricing in the form of "from only $295 plus GST". One of these advertisements was broadcast on a Melbourne-based radio station from 1-31 August 2000 and the other appears in the print version of the Yellow Pages.

The Commission reached the view that Signature Security Group may have contravened sections 52, 53(e) and 53C of the Trade Practices Act 1974 in that the advertisements were likely to mislead consumers as to the price of Signature's product/service.

To resolve the Commission's concerns, Signature Security Group undertook to:

  • cease running any advertisements containing a GST-exclusive price;
  • ensure any future advertisements, price displays or other forms of promotion, containing pricing information are on a GST-inclusive basis;
  • ensure the advertisement in the Yellow Pages print version is amended at the earliest possible opportunity so as not to include GST-exclusive pricing; and
  • to enter into a trade practices compliance program.

Further, Signature Security Group acted quickly to have its advertisement run through the Yellow Pages Online service amended to not contain GST-exclusive prices.