Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd
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The Commission received complaints that a number of internet businesses could not advertise in the classified sections of the Queensland Newspapers' papers including The Courier Mail.

Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd has given undertakings to the Commission that:

  • it will establish a separate classified advertisement category entitled "Internet Classified Services" for the general and lift out sections of its newspapers;
  • within the general part of the newspaper, the new category will be published next to classified advertisements in the "Internet Services" category on days when advertisements are published;
  • advertisements for a specific good, service or opportunity that contains a URL/email address that is less than 25% of the total lineageof the advertisement will be permitted in the specific good, service or opportunity classified column;
  • advertisements that contain a URL/email address that is greater than 25% of the total lineage of the advertisement may be placed in the general or business pages of the paper;
  • the Internet Classified Services category will also be placed in lift outs such as the real estate or motoring lift outs and can include display advertising.