Queensland Newsagents Federation Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Queensland Newsagents Federation Ltd
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Queensland Newsagents Federation Ltd has provided the Commission with s. 87B undertakings following its suspension of two QNF members for invading another member's territory in breach of the QNF Code of Ethics. The Commission was concerned that the suspension was at risk of contravening s. 45 of the Trade Practices Act. The QNF now acknowledges that its Code, which allowed suspension if 'territories' were infringed, was not enforceable as the 'territories' themselves were no longer protected by previous Commission authorisations.

Queensland Newsagents Federation Ltd has undertaken to:

  • implement a Trade Practices Compliance program within four months of providing this undertaking;
  • conduct a trade practices education and training campaign for all QNF members; and
  • compensate Nextra or any of it's members for any losses reasonably sustained as a result of the QNF conduct.