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  • Purax Feather Holdings Pty Ltd
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Purax Feather Holdings Pty Ltd (Purax), supplier of 'Puradown' and 'White Eider' brand quilts, has acknowledged that the 100% down content claims it made for its quilts were false and liable to mislead consumers and may contravene the TPA.

ACCC testing of a Purax 'White Eider' brand quilt represented to contain 100% goose down showed that the quilt contained approximately 85% goose down, significantly less goose down than the represented 100%.

Purax advised the ACCC that its 100% down content claims complied with the labelling percentage tolerances allowed in Australian Standard 2479-1987 ('Down and/or feather filling materials and filled products') and that it had not intended to mislead or deceive consumers.

Purax has undertaken to:

  • refrain in future from making any down content claims for its quilts unless the claims can be substantiated by independent testing on its finished down product where the manufacturing process has been completed.
  • implement a trade practices compliance program for Purax employees and other persons involved in its business.