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s.87B undertaking

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    Priceline Pty Limited


    005 968 310


Priceline Pty Limited stores supplied certain cosmetic products which did not comply with the Cosmetic Information Standard in that they did not have the ingredients listed on the containers, nor did they supply in-store signage or listings of ingredients as an alternative reference for customers.

Accordingly, Priceline has undertaken that it will:

  • implement and maintain a permanent fixture, developed by Priceline, which will be affixed to cosmetic display units in all Priceline stores, and that has plastic pockets for insertion of ingredients lists. The fixture will be removable only by use of a screwdriver;
  • appoint a Priceline Cosmetic Manager in each Priceline store, who will be responsible for authorising all cosmetic purchases and systems of display where cosmetics are displayed outside main cosmetic display units;
  • immediately commence monitoring the effectiveness of the permanent fixture by conducting a weekly check of the cosmetic display units;
  • implement a corporate trade practices compliance program for Priceline employees or other persons involved in Priceline's business; and
  • implement an effective complaints handling system