Mr Won Mo Yoon - s.87B undertaking

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  • Mr Won Mo Yoon (this entry is an individual, not a company)


Mr Won Mo Yoon, director of CGS Trading Australia Pty Ltd (CGS), the importer, distributor and supplier of 'Aussiesox' branded socks has admitted to incorrectly labelling certain of its socks in respect to fibre content. CGS represented a range of socks as 'Pure Cotton' when they were not composed entirely of cotton. CGS also misrepresented that a range of its 'Cotton Rich' socks was composed of 98 or 95 per cent cotton when they were composed of no more than 84.4 per cent cotton.

Mr Won Mo Yoon has provided court enforceable undertakings to the ACCC that, in his capacity as a director or office holder of any corporate entity he is involved with, he will:

refrain from supplying or offering to supply socks in the future that carry false or misleading fibre content labelling and/or any other representations contrary to Part V of the TPA, particularly sections 52, 53(a) and 55; and

ensure that these corporate entities establish a trade practices corporate compliance program.