Louise Dalglish Smith - s.87B undertaking

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Cinnamon Bear is a garment importer and distributor, supplying retailers throughout Australia.

Recently, Cinnamon Bear supplied a number of Babylicious baby sleeping bags in Australia that had a fire hazard warning label attached that did not comply with the relevant mandatory product safety standard for children's nightwear AS/NZA 1249:2003.

Cinnamon Bear has provided court enforceable Undertakings to the ACCC that it:

  • would not in future supply or offer for supply any children's nightwear that does not fully comply with the prescribed consumer safety standard;
  • will ensure that the correct warning labels as per the Standard are printed and attached to any non-compliant baby sleeping bags in the possession of Cinnamon Bear; and
  • will ensure that it will make the appropriate fire hazard labels available to any consumers who wish to have their baby sleeping bags relabelled.

Cinnamon Bear will also publish a corrective notice, and establish a trade practices compliance program.