Undertaking date

Undertaking type

s.87B undertaking

Reference number



s. 45

Company or individual details

  • Jordan Tatum Enterprises Pty Ltd
  • Nathan Burgess Hunt


Jordan Tatum Enterprises Pty Ltd (‘JTE’) is the proprietor of the Burdekin Hotel in Ayr, Queensland.

In about July 2006, Nathan Hunt, director of JTE and manager of the Burdekin Hotel, arranged a meeting with other hoteliers in Ayr to attempt to make or arrive at an arrangement or understanding in relation to the price of over-the-bar alcoholic beverages.

JTE and Mr Hunt have admitted that this conduct may have constituted an attempted contravention of section 45 of the TPA, which prohibits price fixing.

JTE and Mr Hunt have undertaken:

  • to not engage in any activity constituting price fixing or attempting to fix prices;
  • that Mr Hunt will undertake trade practices compliance training at least once a year for 3 years;
  • to use best endeavours to have published, in an Australian hotel industry newsletter, an article concerning price fixing; and
  • to implement and maintain a trade practices compliance program in relation to any business currently operating, or acquired within the next 3 years, by JTE or any other corporation controlled by Mr Hunt.