InvoCare Limited - variation - s.87B undertaking

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  • InvoCare Limited
    096 437 393
  • Bledisloe Group Holdings Pty Ltd
    117 060 134


On 9 November 2011, the ACCC consented to a variation to the section 87B Undertaking given by Invocare Limited (Invocare) and Bledisloe Group Holdings Pty Ltd (Bledisloe) on 8 June 2011. The Undertaking was accepted by the ACCC in order to resolve competition concerns that would otherwise have resulted from the acquisition by Invocare of Bledisloe.

The purpose of the variation was to reduce the period in which Invocare is restricted from utilising the services of the Approved Independent Manager for a purpose other than complying with the Undertaking.



9 November 2011InvoCare Limited - variation - s.87B undertakingvariation of original
8 June 2011InvoCare Limited - s.87B undertakingoriginal