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s.87B undertaking

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Part V & s. 52

Company or individual details

  • Internic Technology Pty Ltd


Internic is a supplier of brokerage services for the registration of second level Internet domain names and is a supplier of computer software goods. The allegations include generally: Internic represented to the public that internic.com is the website operated by InterNIC and that anyone purchasing services from the Internic website was dealing with and purchasing services from the InterNIC. Further or in the alternative, Internic represented that it was in some way affiliated by approval or sponsorship with the InterNIC. Internic have undertaken without admission that after 1 June 1999 they will not by themselves, or by any other means advertise, promote, offer or provide any goods or services in connection with or by reference to the name internic or any name substantially identical to internic. Internic have agreed to make payment into a fund of $200,000 to compensate people having suffered damage as a result of the alleged conduct. Internic will contact each person via email by 1 July 1999 who has contracted with it to obtain domain registration services.