Flipstock Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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The Commission received numerous complaints concerning GST exclusive pricing by A Man's Toyshop in various media including newspapers, radio advertisements, instore display, at agricultural field days, catalogues, fliers and on the internet.

A Man's Toyshop has its store located in Rockhampton, Queensland and also regularly attends agricultural field days throughout Queensland with a display site. A Man's Toyshop also operates a VIP Club Membership whereby its members are sent catalogues and fliers for products on sale and membership includes a number of levels of discounts on purchases made from A Man's Toyshop.

Flipstock Pty Ltd, Mr Ross Mylrea and Mr Arthur Clarke have given undertakings to the Commission that they will:

  • ensure prices are displayed/quoted inclusive of GST both in-store and at agricultural field days;
  • place corrective notices in-store advising customers that prices are not GST inclusive;
  • issue letters to A Man's Toyshop VIP Club Members advising them that all prices will now be displayed/quoted inclusive of GST;
  • ensure all future advertising placed with newspapers, radio stations or via catalogues and brochures states GST inclusive pricing;
  • remove GST exclusive pricing displays from its website; and
  • conduct trade practices compliance training.