Coca-Cola Holdings (Overseas) Limited - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Coca-Cola Holdings (Overseas) Limited
  • CCA Beverages (North Queensland) Pty Limited
  • CCA Beverages (Brisbane) Pty Limited
  • CCA Beverages (Adelaide) Pty Limited
  • Coca-Cola Amatil Limited
  • CCA Beverages Pty Ltd t/as Coca-Cola Bottlers Melbourne and Coca-Cola Bottlers Perth
  • CCA Beverages (Sydney) Pty Limited


False and misleading claims concerning the place of origin of `Aquarius' soft drink.

The cans bore the legend `Prepared and Canned for CCA Beverages, 71 Macquarie Street, Sydney, 2000'.  There was no indication that they were made and filled in Taiwan.

Undertaking given (in force for three years) to clearly state country of origin on labelling and packaging of any beverage the company imports into Australia