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  • City West Water Limited
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s.87B CWW is one of three licensed corporatised water retailers in metropolitan Melbourne. Since January 1995 approx. 100 customers have reported their tap water being cloudy to blue-green tinge in colour and at times unpleasant to taste. This occurs when elevated levels of copper exists in the water caused by corrosion of customers copper piping. This corrosion is caused by the quality or nature of water delivered to customers properties. Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality in Australia state that copper concentration in drinking water should not exceed 1mg/L. Subsequent testing of the problem areas show a concentration on many occasions exceeding guideline levels. CWW have undertaken to alert effected customers, by way of letter, signs of blue-green water, its potential health effects and what steps can be taken to reduce copper levels to safe levels; deliver annually a water quality brochure describing types of water quality problems and steps to mitigate the problem; implement no later than 31 January 1998, a systematic and random testing program of which the Commission needs to be notified in detail; and immediately advise the Office of the Regulator General and the Commission of the findings of the CSIRO Study upon completion and assist in determining the party responsible for implementing remedial works. Should CWW be found responsible, and the Study propose a solution, CWW will implement that solution within reasonable time given adequate funding be made available. In the absence of satisfactory resolution, CWW will continue to provide advice as per the first and second undertakings.