Bevco Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Bevco Pty Ltd
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Bevco Pty Ltd has used the term “100% Australian Made and Owned” on labels for its Bevco and Macquarie Valley brand juice products. In fact, some of these products contained 99.9% imported reconstituted juice. The label for these products accurately disclosed that the beverage contained reconstituted imported juice in the ingredients list. However, the reconstitution of imported concentrated fruit juice into fruit juice for sale is unlikely to be sufficient to allow Bevco to legitimately claim that the beverage products in question were ‘made in Australia’.

Bevco has agreed to give section 87B undertakings to the ACCC to address the ACCC's concerns in relation to the labelling of its beverage products.

Bevco has undertaken to the ACCC that:

  • it will not make claims that its beverage products are 'made in Australia' unless those claims can be substantiated;
  • it will place a corrective notice in the newspaper; and
  • it will implement a trade practices compliance program.