Babcock & Brown Infrastructure - s.87B undertaking

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  • Babcock & Brown Infrastructure
  • Singapore Power International Pte Ltd


On 8 August 2007 Singapore Power International Pte Ltd, Babcock & Brown Infrastructure Limited and Babcock & Brown Investor Services Limited as trustee for the Babcock & Brown Infrastructure Trust offered undertakings to the ACCC in connection with the parties' proposed acquisition of Alinta Limited.

Under the proposed acquisition Alinta’s gas and electricity assets, a 35% interest in the Australian Pipeline Trust, and shares in Australian Pipeline Limited, will be allocated between Singapore Power and Babcock and Brown funds.

The undertakings ensure that Alinta’s 35% interest in APT, which owns the Moomba to Sydney Pipeline and the Parmelia Pipeline, as well as the operating and maintenance contracts for the Moomba to Sydney and Parmelia pipelines, and the APL shares, are divested.

The APT units, and the operating and maintenance contracts will be ring-fenced from the consortium parties’ respective businesses until they are divested.

A Public Competition Assessment is available in the Mergers section of the ACCC's website.

On 2 October 2013 the Undertaking given by Singapore Power International and Babcock and Brown Infrastructure Limited terminated in accordance with its terms.