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In November 2006 the ACCC raised concerns with Ausia Australia Pty Ltd (Ausia) noting that staff of the ACCC had become aware of the sale of baby cots and baby walkers by Ausia on its eBay website Oz-Auction and noting concerns that the baby cots and baby walkers sold by Ausia may not comply with product safety standards.

The baby cots sold by Ausia included the New Adjustable Wooden Baby Cot and Bed/ w Truckle (KC 312) and (KC311).  The baby walkers sold by Ausia included New 2-in-1 Baby Walker/Rocker W/Toys & Music (880 and 882) and baby walker models KXY398, KXY 180J, KXY302-1, 882P and 688PS.

In order to address the concerns of the ACCC, Ausia and its directors undertook to the ACCC to recall the baby cot and baby walker products sold by it giving rise to the ACCC's concerns (including those products sold through the Oz-Auction eBay site during the period prior to Ausia operating that site).

Ausia and its directors also undertook to publish a number of public disclosure notices educating businesses on their obligations under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA) including the prohibition against selling products that do not comply with product safety standards and alerting parents of the dangers of purchasing products for their children that do not meet product safety standards.

In order to improve its ability to comply with its obligations under the TPA in the future, Ausia and its director also undertook to implement a trade practices compliance program and to maintain that program for a period of 3 years and 3 months.