Apollo Window Blinds Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

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  • Apollo Window Blinds Pty Ltd
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The Commission received a complaint in relation to an advertisement produced by Apollo that stated "Beat the GST & Get off Scot-free...Don't sit there till June 30 and wait to be taxed! Order your blinds from Apollo". As blinds currently attract a wholesale tax (WST) of 12%, the Commission considers this statement, which implies that there is currently no tax payable on blinds, to be misleading or deceptive. Apollo undertakes to do the following:

  • 1. Cease making misleading or deceptive representations as to the effects of the introduction of the GST or WST on prices for blinds and other window coverings;
  • 2. Issue corrective advertisements approved by the Commission, in the same forums and manner used to advertise the "Beat the GST" representation;
  • 3. Identify customers that purchased blinds after viewing the representation in advertisements and offer refunds for consumers if they believe they were misled by the advertisement;
  • 4. Within two months of the commencement of the undertaking, develop a trade practices compliance program, to be approved by the Commission.