Angelo Sette - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Angelo Sette
  • Susan Vonda Sette


Undertakings have been provided to the ACCC by hypnotherapists Angelo and Susan Sette trading as Stop Smoking in One Hour, concerning misleading representations as to the success rate of their smoking cessation treatments.

During 2008, the Settes claimed in their pamphlets and on their website that 100% of smokers successfully give up smoking after a maximum of four treatment sessions.

The Settes admitted that they could not substantiate these claims and acknowledge that the conduct may have contravened sections 52 and 53(c) of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

The ACCC has accepted court enforceable undertakings from The Settes that they will not engage in similar conduct in the future and will attend a Trade Practices Compliance Seminar.

If consumers attended four hypnotherapy sessions conducted by the Settes and did not successfully stop smoking then they can contact the Settes on (03) 9471 9898 to obtain a refund of the cost of their hypnotherapy sessions.

A corrective notice will be published on their website and in The Australian newspaper.