AGL Energy Limited - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • AGL Energy Limited
    115 061 375
  • Great Energy Alliance Corporation Pty Limited
    105 266 028
  • GEAC Operations Pty Limited
    105 367 888


The undertaking requires AGL and GEAC to provide information to the ACCC concerning hedges, derivative transactions and power purchase agreements.

This undertaking replaces the s. 87B undertaking of 1 August, 2006, which itself replaced the s. 87B undertaking of 3 March, 2004.

AGL offered the undertaking to enable the ACCC to monitor its compliance with undertakings it gave to the Federal Court in 2004 in relation to its acquisition of an interest in Great Energy Alliance Corporation (Court Undertaking). Pursuant to the Court Undertaking, AGL agreed not to be involved in the marketing operations of the Loy Yang Marketing Management Company Pty Ltd (which manages the Loy Yang A power station);  limited AGL's economic interest in the Loy Yang Power (which owns the Loy Yang A power station) to 35 per cent; and limited  AGL's involvement in, and knowledge of, the dispatch and marketing activities of Loy Yang Power.