Wild Gear Pty Ltd - s.87B undertaking

Company or individual details

  • Wild Gear Pty Ltd
    009 128 401
  • Mountain Designs Pty Ltd
    010 021 557
  • Outdoor Designs Pty Ltd
    051 131 938
  • Glyndahigh Pty Ltd
    069 358 818
  • Pack Imports Pty Ltd
    010 021 557


Resale price maintenance in relation to supply of ‘Mountain Design’ outdoor adventure products.

Undertakings given to:

  • delete or strike through the proviso in the offending clause (or any clause with similar effect) in any franchise agreements it issues;
  • review all franchise and supply agreements used by each company in the group to ensure the agreements do not contain clauses that breach the Trade Practices Act;
  • develop a Commission-approved compliance education program; and
  • apply for registration with the Franchising Code Council Ltd and adhere to its code of conduct.