Vinetex & Co Pty Limited - s.87B undertaking

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  • Vinetex & Co Pty Limited
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Vinetex & Co Pty Ltd (Vinetex) is a privately owned Australian company.  It carries on a business of purchasing a range of garments from Chinese suppliers and on-selling this clothing to Australian retail outlets, including Big W.

In or around September 2009 and in November 2009, the ACCC conducted routine surveys on children’s nightwear products sold in retail outlets, including Big W stores.  Testing commissioned by the ACCC as part of these surveys indicated that three children’s nightwear products sold in Big W stores were incorrectly labelled as “low fire danger”.  Under the mandatory standard for the labelling of children’s nightwear, these products should have been labelled “warning high fire danger keep away from fire”.

Vinetex acknowledges that by supplying the children’s nightwear products to Big W that carried the incorrect fire warning label it was likely to have contravened sections 52, 53(a), 53(c) and 65C of the Trade Practices Act.

Vinetex has provided an undertaking to the ACCC that it will refrain from supplying children’s nightwear products that do not comply with the standard and that it will establish a Trade Practices Compliance Program.