Toll Holdings Limited - s.87B undertaking

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  • Toll Holdings Limited
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On 3 June 2008, the ACCC accepted the undertaking of Toll Holdings Ltd (‘Toll’).

Under the undertaking, Toll agrees that Mr Nolan Fernandez will be employed by Toll IPEC as a major account manager and will not, during the term of the Toll undertakings (originally accepted on 11 March 2006), be transferred or promoted to any other position within Toll IPEC, Toll or its related bodies corporate without the ACCC's prior written approval.

The undertaking relates to the ACCC’s approval of Toll’s employment of Mr Fernandez, pursuant to clause 2.9(f) of the undertaking given by Toll to the ACCC on 11 March 2006, as varied on 18 April 2007.

Toll’s undertaking dated 11 March 2006 and the variation to that undertaking which was accepted by the ACCC on 18 April 2007, being the fifth variation to that undertaking, can be viewed on the ACCC’s website.